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About Blue Spoons

carissa circle profile

In 2013, as I searched for a new therapist to help me with problems resulting from a childhood full of sexual abuse by my dad and others, I was dumbfounded with counselor after counselor when inquiring about cost. “Each session is $185, and I don’t accept insurance,” the fifth counselor said. The conversations had begun to sound like a broken record—$150-200 per week and not one accepted insurance. “So what you’re telling me is that only the rich can get help?” I spoke my thoughts out loud. That is when desperation began to set in. That was the moment I knew something had to change. Not just for myself, but for the one in four females and one in six males impacted by sexual inappropriateness everywhere. And that was the moment that would give birth to Blue Spoons three years later.


Carissa Magras, Founder & Survivor