BLUE SPOONS | Hope is real. Help is here.
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Hope is real. Help is here.

Please complete the initial form below to begin the application process for financial assistance with counseling services or a treatment program for survivors of sexual inappropriateness and trauma.


Submitting this form does not guarantee assistance.
Your information will be reviewed and if basic requirements are met then a Blue Spoons team member will contact you within 3 business days to schedule a phone or Skype interview as the next step in the process.


By applying for assistance you agree to undergo an extensive application process. All personal information is held in extreme confidentiality, and will be used only to determine the best courses of action for the applicant and the profits of Blue Spoons.


Honesty is 100% critical. If you lie or exaggerate any information on this form, your application will automatically be disregarded and any future attempts to request assistance will be denied. We have a zero discrimination policy and seek to help people of all backgrounds, situations, and experiences. However, fabricating your situation to seem worse in an attempt to qualify for assistance will do the opposite of what you are trying to accomplish.


We are here to help.


Thank you for understanding,
The Blue Spoons Team